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Why us?

Real Estate at the right price

Estimating dozens of estates every month, we can provide with a proper evalutation of commercial worth of your estate in order to achieve its utilazation faster,without trying to impress with unfulfilled estimates and empty promises

Exact Evaluation

Our experienced evaluation team provides updated, independent advice from a wide variety of real estate property, from single evaluation to big portofolios

Professional Photoshooting

Presentation and timetables are everything.Our associates are trained to take professional photos, and take detailed descriptions of your estates,everything in only one visit.The result is to have your property available within a few hours

Total Marketing

We spent a significant amount each year,making sure our clients estate will get the maximum attention in lots of means,like magazines, newspapers, flyers, web marketing, SMS and of course on internet

Recognised website

With thousands of visitors every month, is a recognised site in greek online real estate market. Our website with innovative and professional aproach our website has a major role in your estate's professional presentation

Online Marketing

Except our website, ALEXpolis-akinita propounds your estate's at prominent ads websites, including XE Property, spiti24, spitogatos, tospitimoy but also in well known sites abroad.In addition through Google and Google Adwords we got the best advertising and presentation in the web