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Real Estate is considered nowadays an attractive investment which can be done by anybody no matter ones profession.The management however consists of a set of services,which only a professional with special knowledge can provide with credit and effectiveness


The Alexpolis-akinita enables each owner to instruct the integrated management of real estate at professionals, withtechno-economic knowledge and expertise in this area

The software used by our company, are among the mostmodern and most comprehensive in the field of property management.

Our relationship with the owner based on the signing of amandate with clear terms and kept with honesty and candor that characterizes all our dealings.

We maintain strict confidentiality on any information  and respect the managed property, or owners,the agreements we have and always any other similar information


Basic Services

Exclusive communication with the saler, buyer or renter

Visiting your estate periodically

We undertake any kind of work for your estate

We ensure our part of surveying and processing of documents relatting to the settlement of contracts

Real Estate Management

Even if you are far away from your property ALEXpolis-akinita undertakes consistently the management of it to the best terms of service

ALEXpolis-akinita undertakes, upon your command, direct and reliable rental income as well as control of your property for proper and good use even if you are abroad. When the lease has expired we can manage the rehire of it even if u wish so.


Rental income

Legal coverage to the owner for contract pension, the collection of rents and for any problems that may arise on your property.

Control and maintenance of the property during the lease or after the departure of tenants.
Filing documents of your property


ALEXpolis-akinita propose to look for the management of your property in legitimate real estate agency for your interest.
Cause here we are known for
the experience
the knowledge
the specialization
the organization
the consistency
the reliability
and our sensitivity
We can handle the management of your property as if it was really ours.

Legal Services

All real estate transactions are subject to an established legal framework. "Alexpolis-akinita" has experienced and trusted associates, who will answer clearly and truthfully to all questions you may have about your transactions

When selling or buying estates, or at consideration transactions  the presence  of a notary is guaranteed by law as mandatory while the presence of a lawyer is optional.

Therefore we can recommend the full legal coverage and protection to lawyers and notaries with extensive experience in real estate, who will carry out your transactions quickly, seamlessly and within the legal framework.

Technical Work

In order to be more effective and in service of  your needs Alexpolis-akinita cooperate with experienced technicians and professionals to find every day solutions to your technical problems.


We Cooperate with





Transport companies

Lifting machines





Civil Engineers


Loans-Banking Facilities

After many years of experience in the field of real estate we have built trusting relationships with partner banks. So we can make easier your transactions for the respect property.
Click here to see banks in which the responsible sales Alexandros Gerasoudis is intermediary for loans.

Property Promotion

  • Promotion-Advertising of the Property
  • Promotion of the property on the website of ALEXpolis-akinita.gr
  • Promotion of the  property in known real estate search engines
  • Promotion of the property in Evros local newspapers
  • Photographing the property with digital art cameras
  • Online photo editing for advertisment on the internet and elsewhere
  • Promotion of the property on paper and on video in the window of our office
  • Advertising of the property through television spots in local TV
  • Printed door2door advertising
  • Promotion of the property through a large network of partners nationwide

Energy Performance Certificate

From 9/1/2012 the energy certificate is necessary for each transaction or renting of your property. A certified energy auditor comes to  ​​your property upon request and performs energy audit. On the day of collection, the energy certificate is ready for publication and delivery within 24 hours. Contact us for information and certificate. Detailed information you can find on the official page of the Energy Performance Building Regulation (K.Eν.A.K.) http://www.kenak.gr/


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Open hours

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