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“The ALEX POLIS -AKINITA office served me directly and efficiently. Excellently trained employees have helped me find a home in a difficult time and under pressure of time and made me feel that ia can rely on them 100% to find my new home. I thank them all for their zeal and dedication and the help they have given me and”
“The Alex polis real estate agency , served me promptly and efficiently. Highly trained staff helped me find a home in a difficult time and under pressure and made me feel that i could vount on them 100% to find my new home. Ithank them all for their zeal and dedication and for the help they gave me and i highly revommend them !”
Aeris kostas
“Very pleased with the services! Our case was taken by Mylona Marina!Very friendly! Reliable and consequently willing to help and pay close attention to their costumers. I suggest the office unreservedly!”
Koutridou Vaso
“Quickly and efficiently with the help of the office we found the apartment i wanted for my sister . Thank you very much .”
Raptis George
“My collaboration with the office was very good. I found what i was looking for quickly and i am very pleased with the services.”
Aroutsidou Maria

With method and planning we found what we were looking for rent.We very much thanks to the office that helped us.You are the best with the difference.”
Vamvakidis Vasilis - Thirali Iliana
“Ι found my dream home in half a day. I was looking gor something very close to bus stop.”
Bogdanaki Anastasia Doctor from Drama
“In the real estate officeAlexpolis-akinita i found the apartment i wanted easily and quickly. Courteous and helpful ! Thank you very much”
Reizis emmanouil (Architect from Alexandroypoli)
“Methodical and with many choices we found what we wanted to cover our happiness. thank tou very much Alexpolis-Akinita”
florinas tofas - pappidou katerina
“with patience and respect for what i was looking for my new business area , we found exactly what i wanted by listening to their advice”
Kotaridis Ioannis ( Freelance from Alexandroypoli)
“we came to Alexpolis - Akinita and we found what we wanted quickly and easily , properly organized, knowing the needs of the market .”
Papadopoulos Stefanos ( proficient military from Alexandroypoli )
“I am totally happy with the services of the midday office alexpolis - akinita who , with organization and perseverance , listened to what i wanted ian an apartment and found it quickly and efficiently”
Nersesidis Athanasios (employee from Alexandroypoli)
“we found what we want from website alexpolis akinita”
Avgitidis Konstantinos from Drama

We will live together and we are finding a very cheap apartment in the center of the town.”
Babich Maria Private Employee from Feres
“I foynd the house of my dreams very quickly.”
Bogatsa Euaggelia Doctor from Alexandroupoli
“Helpful! In less than a week we found what we were looking for, and i thank Giorgos in particular for his effort , for his passion and character. For some it is a slavery , however, George's service is the ultimate customer service experience. George thank you so much”
George vlachos - Fatfatouli Marina from Alexandroypoli
“I went to alexpolis - akinita in the morning and until midday i found what i wanted, i did not expect it but people do their job very well and loved it very much .”
matziouridis grigoris medical student from orestiada
“Fast and very good service by our partners with many real estate options and a very friendly anvironment and comfotable parking in front of the office !!”
“Alexpolis akinita found me the tenant i was looking for in a short time.”
Mpogiatzoglou Spiros Retired from Alexandroupoli
“I left my housebecause the owner decided to keep it forowner-occupation. I was addressed to alexpolis akinita and found what i looking for.”
Siderova Elena Private Εmployee for Alexandroupoli
“We quickly found the house we were looking for in the area we wanted.”
Bantalidis Artur Private Employy Alexandroupoli
“I gave my keys to the real estate agency Alexpolis Akinita and found me a tenant in three hours. fast and efficient!”
Tsigas Paschalis Soldier Alexandroupolis
“I found quickly and easily what i was looking for and at the price i wanted”
Orfanidis Andreas Student from Cyprus
“All my friends told me to go to alexpolis-akinita if i wanted to rent my apartment fast and did not belive them. I gave my property in exclusivity and in five days i found what i wanted and it was winter . now and i , in my turn , tell you the best words about your office. thank you very much !”
“friendly services and professionalism”
Balotis Athanasios Private Employee Alexandroupoli
“I met professionalism beyond my expectations by finding many options for the need. Congratulations. Absolute services and successful integration.”
Papadoudis Christos Freelance Orestiada
“Excellent prefessionalism and flawless behavior. As many times as we needed to work , it was more than desirable. Both Mr Alexandros and Ms Helen love their work and this seems and i am glad to know them and to work together for years! I reccommend them unreservedly”
Dervisoglou Theodoris Dentist Alexandroupoli

From the most modern real estate egency in the wider region. Professionals direct service in term of coverage need( rental/sale) , properties that are costantly renewed and enriched . Service is very quickly.”
Katsila Erifili Bank Employee Alexandroypoli

Some of us need yars in the desks to obtain degrees to find out in their professional life that they can't.This is what Alexandros haw, consistently , laboring and rationalizing in tough times in the real estate market and is one of the best panelexes.Well done”
Deloudis George civil engineer Didimoteixo
“I am totally satisfied with the services that your office has provided me. You found me quickly what i wanted for my girlfriend and my pet. Thank you very much”
Argiriou konstantinos working in the army from trikala

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