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Why you need the help of the broker?

Why you need a broker
The majority of real estate transactions, is done with the contribution of real estate agents.In the market there are hundreds of brokers. However choosing the right Broker is not always an easy task.
If you have no former experience with home purchasing processes it would be appropriate to use a broker for the task. Besides the necessity of finding your dream home is precious and for further proceedings - like the negotiations, assessing the value of a home, finance, bureaucracy and many more details.
Also, you should not forget the precious time you are wasting. It takes a long time to manipulate a buyer, keep the house available for buyers and appraisers, but also to handle the paperwork after closing a deal.
The payment of the broker's fee is the finalization of the transaction and the signing of the relevant contract. However, if signed preliminary contract of sale of the property and not the main contract, then the broker has legal claim to paid half the legal broker's fee.
After the demonstration of the houses in which you reached and your final choice your broker will provide all the bureaucratic details, quickly and responsibly!
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Advices to renters

1. SEARCH FOR HOME. To find exactly what you're looking come to the  local, real ORGANIZED OFFICE known as  ALEXpolis-akinita and immediately find what you want without hassle and stress free.

2. CONTROL OF RESIDENCE. Check carefully and without any haste the home you found to lease, and its situation , together with  your cohabitant. If it is evening, ask to see it in daylight. If there are visible defects ask for restoration or be listed in the lease. Check the blocks around the house for your needs (bus, market, schools, etc.)

3. FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS. Do not rush to hire a house if the  rent seems excessive or is beyond your financial capability. You can always find another house within more economical terms. Also be informed for any other financial obligations you undertake (building regulation shares, bills, municipal taxes, etc.).

4. DEPOSIT. Never pay rents or deposits if you are  not sure who  is indeed the owner of the house you rent, or one of the collaborates- broker ALEXpolis-akinita.

5. TERMS OF LEASE. Each prime residence lease is holds for a minimum of three (3) years from its commencement, whether the lease is agreed shorter. After the expiry of the three-year lease usually continues as a silent agreement, as permanent. This means that both the tenant can leave whenever he wants, and that the owner can, if he wants to ask his house.

6. RENT-UP. The lease must always be reproduced agreed on the rent. Any increase agreed is valid both during the initial three years and after. Usually an agreed annual increment rate of price index increased by 1-2 units. If the lease term is less than three years, then for the years of the lease remaining until the completion of three years, in case of disagreement between the parties, provides for an annual increase equal to 75% of the increase in the price index 12 months prior to the lease

7. WARRANTY. When concluding a lease an amount is paid a security usually a monthly fee, which is refundable upon departure of the tenant, the performance of homes and the owner and the clearing of all financial backlog.

8. NON-RECOVERY RENT BY OWNER. If you normally have offered the rent to the owner, but he unlawfully refused to collect it, lest considered a wayward, you are entitled to deposit money at the Deposits and Loans Fund in his name, and to share with bailiff passed for custody, or to deposit a notary or your lawyer, who will advise you further.

10. ASSIGNMENT OF RENTS DUE TO THE STATE. Caution: If leaving a rented house and you owe rents eventually not paid to the owner of the property,in order he gets rid of the income tax liability, is forced to assign without consideration (ie give them) to the State, while submitting the tax return for next year. The State, after this, will certainly receive from you as "public revenue", ie by applying the provisions of the Code for the Collection of Public Revenue (KEDE), while, you are not granted a tax clearance certificate until you pay! For this reason it is advisable not to leave outstanding debts to your landlord and ask for a receipt for any payment to him.

Advice for owners

SEARCH FOR TENANT. Ask the organized agencies as the ALEXpolis-akinita and you will find the tenant according to your own standards and XENIAS.
TENANT SELECTION. Laws and the international conventions prohibit the exclusion of tenants based on nationality, color, religion, sex, age, personal preferences of each etc. Because the lease is an ongoing relationship, the primary selection criterion is not the sum of rent we offer, but the reliability and consistency of the tenant, the ability to respond consistently and on time each month to financial obligations by letting (rent, shared and Accounts utility), something that is, unfortunately, in fact it is difficult to assess in advance! Therefore speak personally and thoroughly with any interested, tell him about all this and especially leases with large object, if it is completely unknown to you prospective tenant, do not hesitate to ask for information on the solvency, or signed the lease one axiochreos guarantor.

The secrets of the land market

The secrets of                              the land market


At its best, investing in land is high risk and drive high performance. In the worst case, exercise patience. The basic principle is to buy one cheap land in areas that have not been developed in anticipation of as quickly as possible upgrade.

Then you have a choice of selling this land, or its development of you or in cooperation with an investor. The plan is simple, however, most often the implementation is often more difficult than expected.
  Choosing underdeveloped areas is cheaper compared to buying land in a landscaped market.To limit the risks focus interest in areas near communities that increase their population.
Most dream double digit rates of return and forget the expense of the exploitation of the land, while waiting for economic growth. Although the real profits come from sales in fact, areas that give profits transferred before dawned their growth and this because of the buyer's expectations. Therefore, the effective profitability of land, requires market very early and patience.
If the expected growth does not occur, then you need a loss compensation scenario. The American speculators follow the land market strategy in locations that meet certain characteristics. This approach requires a lot of capital and big market research.
What does this mean ; The game with the land is a matter for those who have capital stocks after land speculation is a costly and risky investment. Here are some of the questions that investors should first respond and buy later.
1. There is the money needed for the purchase of the land or to service the loan?
2. There are property taxes to pay how many are they? How affects the individual tax burden the market and how much passage in a company?
Evaluating ...
The most important factor that monitor land investors is the health of local economies. Although many external factors can cause a market ignition eg the construction of a car factory or a road or improving transport infrastructure, however, a strong local economy is the best guarantee. Of course the natural beauty is an important factor in the choice.
But equally important is the development costs eg fencing, drilling, road building etc. The scheme is an important part of the decision process. The same goes for land use. Do not underestimate this. The local community is an important factor. For example, if the local community does not want deployments then you certainly have to face an additional headache.
The idea that you should buy land from someone whose existence only proven identity is a telephone number rather should trouble you. These scams peaked in the decades of 60's and 70's but at any moment may appear. No need to make you the next victim ...


Our suggestions for better promotion of your property

What should you do to achieve a satisfactory sale and rental of your property:
You should not spend much money in renovating your house, because the buyer has his own view of the property and will certainly change many things on it.
You must not neglect to repair any electrical, plumbing installations and having fresh painted  walls.
You should not paint the walls with dark or bright colors.

What to look for when buying a property

Prospects goodwill of the property.
Because all property is deviated so as to gain from capital gains you should be informed of the real estate consultants of estate ALEXpolis-akinita office for redevelopment and planning perspective of the area that interests you. If such projects are not programmed, it is likely to reduce the resale value of the property, resulting in the loss of significant funds.
Market research to determine the real price.
The real estate price survey in the area that interests you, is very important since there are several owners who have overestimated their properties and require larger amounts of the actual value.
Check titles and information about the property.
Have a lawyer to  control the property titles which you have chosen to avoid unpleasant surprises. It is one of the major stages of property buying.
After checking in the land registry you will learn if the property is clean or it has burdens from third parties (eg banks, court decisions, etc.) If the property is under construction, you should check the site for any weights.
Controlling in the City Plan will reveal to you if the property is arbitrary.
If you are looking to buy land, then you should seek control of the Archaeological Service, if its located in an area with archaeological findings. In this case there are involved some time-consuming procedures, and you already had to stop the built of your property.

Why properties prices rise up?

The state once again changed the situation of the land by Law 3775/2009 (arth.40,41).
All attention  is focused on regulations which attempt to "settle" (indirectly legalized) normal planning infringements, namely the conversion of semi-open spaces, ground floor closed parking places and elevated basements in main use areas.
The above regulation arose deterministically as there was no longer any apartment or house without the above known to all, but mainly confident infringements as always for reasons of Tax Collection. Reactions to certain alleged violation of legality to that legislation considered late as all the tolerance shown reveals some regret and guilt.
Let's focus briefly on the key amendments made to the Building Code  which went unremarked but will impose dramatic changes to the image of the land:
Reducing allowable semiland to 15% of the total building, distributed similarly to all floors with concrete dimensions preclude the creation of autonomous spaces and convert them into additional rooms.
The ground-level indoor parking spaces will count most in structuring consistently manufactured to make it practical and cost effective.
The height of the basement can not exceed 0.8 m from the landscaped ground level (previously was 1.50m) consistently raised underground abolished.
Inevitably one is led to conclude that the houses that will be built with building permit lodged after 21/7/2009 will be definitely smaller in size and more expensive than those already build homes.

The right home in the right area


The right home in the right area


Most believe that buying a house what counts is the only region. Wrong! Statistical analyzes were completed recently showed what "counts" are: The right home in the right area ....

Recent research has shown that even if a property is in a very good area, this will not ensure profits especially if it is not adapted to the characteristics of the remaining property in the area.
The investigation focused on what these characteristics which should be taken into account that the property to be a "typical property" of the area.
In each residential neighborhood, houses will vary in size and rooms. 'Key' to success is to ensure that the house you are interested in is not major differences from the other houses in the area. For example, if you have the biggest house in the area, the more likely you will be hard to find very concerned. And you know why?

Because those who buy in an area have specific expectations and requirements. But in this there are some exceptions. That is, if the rule is too relentless for the big houses, the same is true for the houses small and medium size.

Even in very expensive areas, where the houses are over 150 square meters, a small and medium-sized "holds" the apartment price and can offer higher yields.

The houses, double-and three bedrooms are the most popular among buyers. If you choose such a house, then when the time comes to sell it or to rent it, you get much more involved compared to if you had a house with a bedroom and spacious living areas.
The closets are extremely desirable for the master bedroom. For the rest of the house, you must be sure that there is plenty of storage space.
A parking space increases the resale value. If the building is old and does not offer this extra, you need to be sure that available parking spaces in private garages and even at an affordable price.
The kitchen
The kitchen is the most important room in the house. Larger kitchens are clearly more desirable and can attract interest. If indeed it is possible to operate the site as a breakfast area, or even if offered for placing a TV, believe that can "pull" upwards like a magnet the value of the house.

Who is the right time of purchase and sale of property

The dilemma is known when you have an old house for sale and want to buy a new one. What should I do first? To buy or sell?

It depends on why you want to sell your property and status.
  Although property prices are rising or stable.
  The area of the property.
  The demand and supply in the region.
All these affect the market rate and the sale of your property.
If property sales in recession would be good to start the property sale process before buying. Whether or property demand is on the rise you must start the process of purchasing property before sale.
The ALEXpolis akinita proposes to consult your broker for the best possible for you and your property


Increase the value of your property by 10 steps

Increase the value of your property by 10 steps
Although these symptoms are prevalent in today's real estate market, however, there are "tricks" that enable the seller to make it more attractive to sell property and negotiate a value closer to the original requirements.
According to the answers given by brokers, the 10 steps for an easier and more profitable trading are as follows:
1. If it's empty apartment a freshening certainly makes it more attractive.
2. If the house is inhabited sure to do the "strengths" of the points as possible distinctly and "weaknesses" hardly recognizable example if the house is noisy no need to present it with open windows.
3. negotiation sure somehow give information about the neighborhood for example Distances from public transport etc.
4. Do not block the possibility of negotiating. Most often a smart financial deal in is the "passport" for successful deal.
5. It is wrong to found the "shop" for a long time in the same place. A careful buyer perceives the sales weakness.
6. If the property is leased good idea to first talk to the tenant. Especially if it resides in many years is very likely to do that the next owner.
7. Choose whether the neighborhood has problems to close the appointment outside the home and drive to it the person with the most "painless" way. Remember that the first impression hardly upset then.
8. Be prepared to scrutiny installations (plumbing, electrical, etc.). It is better if you are not willing to restore faults and fix drafts describe you the real condition of the house.
9. Many buyers calculate and maintenance costs of the house. For this reason it would be good to have some evidence payphone that your answers are convincing. Also highly useful would be to know the assessed value of the house that in a debate make reference to the modification regarding -Reduced transfer costs.
10. If the area offered for sale newly informed about the required values
Source: fpress.gr

Contributions to the lease Student housing

The student housing market

In view of the new year student, advice for parents and students to give notice of the Realtors Association of Athens - Attica for finding housing. Notes that there are in every city, realtors engaged in renting student homes.
In any case, however, looking for home, students should know:
  • The houses in the inner city are generally older and more expensive than those outside center except the big cities.
  • To control the location of the house, the neighborhood and what gives us this (super market, banks, regular bus service, access to the campus, etc.).
  • To thoroughly check the home to find faults and to identify the owner to rectify them before they begin to live at home.
  • In residential leases, the amount of the rent formed frely and commits both sides
  • The housing lease is valid for at least (3) years, even if they agreed or less tense.
  • The lease of indefinite duration, after three years, ending with a complaint of the owner or tenant.
  • Advance payment of rent is only premitted for the current month
  • The law allows payment guarantee up to the amount equel to the sum of two monthly rents
  • Students should not accept and sign conditions not understand or with which no full agreement. In many rental contracts they contained terms unfavorable to tenants, eg "If the tenant terminate the lease before the agreed termination, shall pay all rents until maturity. Such terms delete them but it is advisable to consult a lawyer anyway.
  • The owner is obliged to deliver to the tenant the house suitable for the use agreed and keep it properly when leasing.
    Students after agreement, sign a written rental agreement with the owner or the attorney and require immediate recording in taxis. In no case, should not accept proposals for rental receipts or contracts for different amounts of real. Thus, they become accomplices in tax evasion owner.
    The delay in payment of the common expenses is the same rent delay results but it is desirable to ask in advance on the level of charges.
  • Avoid hiring basements, attics or very old houses
  • To pay much attention to ads with low prices rents advertising supposedly brokering or advertising companies to see the one required to pay in advance. Legitimate astate agents receive compensation only if completed lease