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“I gave my immaculate property to Alexpolis - Akinita and found me a tenant in a very sort time and exactly what i wanted. i want to thank the office for the very good work it does and our excellent cooperation”
Papadaki Stayroula
“I am very pleased with the service. I quicklyfound what i want.”
Goutzivelakis Dimitrios
“in alexpolis akinita i found what i wanted fast and in a good price , the organization of the office is the best and they served vely well and quickly”
Kadopoulou eleni , student from orestiada

For my recent contact with the real estate agency i have been completely satisfied. The service was immediate and efficient.”
didoni anna Alexandroupoli
“I am glad to do work with you
From the very First time I worked with ALEXpolis-akinita I realized the highly professionalism everybody Works in there!
I am glad to cooperate with you
I sincerely wish you to achieve any goals and i am certain u will always do”
Tsitsios Panagiotis Pharmacist MSc Dir of Medical Office Vianex S.A./ VNX Rafina
“I am very pleased with alexpolis-akinita . served me very quickly and within two days i saw the property , like the one i wanted , in the square and i the area i wanted, with all the standards i as a”
vasilev stoitso
“I assign my Real Estate Property for rent to ALEXpolis-akinita cause I am certain they find for me the best renters, without any worries and troubles since its my belief they are the best and most organised Office in North GREECE.”
Kelesidis Panagiotis MAD Radio 107 Director Orestiada
“The best Real-Estate Agency in town.
I work with Mr. Gerasoudis Real-Estate Agency for many years. I have bought apartments for farm but also a plot at magnificent prices, always with the best terms of service and always smiling. My friend Alexander, I 'm glad to be both your friend and client. Keep on the road to success Alexpolis-akinita!!!”
Deloudis Nikos alexandroupoli
“Thank you very much for your service and your time by helping me to find quickly the home i wanted.
Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Tekos Ioannis private employee Komara
“I met professionalism beyond my expectations, finding many options for my need. Congratulations!”
Chris Papas
“Thank office who found me so cheap shop and a very good point !!”
Melikdzhanian Liudmila
“The service desk was immediate and within a few days they made 2 sales for me. After the first sale in March, cause of the perfect service, ALEXpolis-akinita was chosen again by me for the second sale in June.Polite, hardworking and with operational service group. Also note that I live in Thessaloniki and yet we had daily contacts and my sales were finished with ease. Thank you ALEXpolis-akinita, wish u good jobs !!!”
Petropoulos Periandros Teacher Thessaloniki
“Excellent service. Pleasant people. They help us.”
Tsipras Epaminondas Military Agrinio
“Excelent behavior and service
ALEXpolis-akinita is a very well organized office , with excellent behavior and service not only from Mr. Gerasoudis Alexandros but also to his collaborators. I recommend it without hesitation”
Ouzounidis Marinos former Congressman Alexandroupolis
“immediate and flawless service i found the house i wanted , noble and very good staff”
koutra paraskevi , student
“Amazing service !!! You will find exactly what you want !! Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Fillis Koumatzidis
“Evaluate Real Estate ALEXpolis akinita with:
5 ★★★★★
Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Panagiotis Papadoudis
“Evaluate Real Estate ALEXpolis akinita with:
5 ★★★★★
Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Giannis Apostolou
“Immediate and effective !! Congratulations! Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Christiana Kavvadia
“Perfect and professional service from people who try to give the best result to their interested customers !!
Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Nikos Mazarakis
“With few words congratulations for all, to Alexander and his associates Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Sakis Tsaousis
“The best real estate office of the city !!! Excellent business Excellent service !!!
Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Gavriil Nerantzakis
“Excellent professionals!!! Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Maria Kelesidou
“Professionals!!! Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Anna Georgiou
“Perfect!!!! Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Dimitrios Orestiada Kadoglou
“Very good partner, perfect team
Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Ζαφειρης Παλακας
“Excellent professionals, flawless service.
Source: facebook alexpolis akiinita
Agorasti-Ritsa Arampatzi
“Excellent professionals!! Sourse: facebook alexpolis akinita
Nikos M. Sachinis
“Very nice job congratutations Source: facebook alexpolis akinita
Evaki Koumpouli
“Direct. Excellent professionals
Sourse: facebook alexpolis akinita
Thodoris Papadopoulos

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